The belief that god is the universe and the laws which rule the universe. See Animism.

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  • Pantheism — is the view that the Universe (Nature) and God (or divinity) are identical.[1] Pantheists thus do not believe in a personal, anthropomorphic or creator god. The word derives from the Greek (pan) meaning all and the Greek (theos) meaning God . As… …   Wikipedia

  • Pantheism — • The false theory according to which God and the world are one Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Pantheism     Pantheism     † …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • pantheism — (n.) belief that God and the universe are identical, coined by Irish deist John Toland (1670 1722), from Gk. pan all + theos god (see THEA (Cf. Thea)). Toland s word was borrowed into French, which from it formed panthéisme (1712) which returned… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Pantheism — Pan the*ism, n. [Pan + theism.] The doctrine that the universe, taken or conceived of as a whole, is God; the doctrine that there is no God but the combined force and natural laws which are manifested in the existing universe; cosmotheism. The… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pantheism — ► NOUN 1) the belief that God can be identified with the universe, or that the universe is a manifestation of God. 2) rare worship that admits or tolerates all gods. DERIVATIVES pantheist noun pantheistic adjective …   English terms dictionary

  • pantheism — [pan′thē iz΄əm] n. [Fr panthéisme < panthéiste < E pantheist, coined (1705) by J. Toland, Ir deist: see PAN , THEO , & ISM] 1. the doctrine that God is not a personality, but that all laws, forces, manifestations, etc. of the universe are… …   English World dictionary

  • pantheism — pantheist, n. pantheistic, pantheistical, adj. pantheistically, adv. /pan thee iz euhm/, n. 1. the doctrine that God is the transcendent reality of which the material universe and human beings are only manifestations: it involves a denial of God… …   Universalium

  • Pantheism — the view that there is one or more gods or goddesses.[13] More specifically, it may also mean the belief in God, a god, or gods, who is/are actively involved in maintaining the Universe. A theist can also take the position that he does not have… …   Mini philosophy glossary

  • pantheism —    Although pantheism may be characterised roughly as the view that God is everything, the word pantheism in fact refers to two separate positions: (1) everything is a part of God and God is identical with the totality of what exists; (2)… …   Christian Philosophy

  • pantheism — [[t]pæ̱nθiɪzəm[/t]] 1) N UNCOUNT Pantheism is the religious belief that God is in everything in nature and the universe. 2) N UNCOUNT Pantheism is a willingness to worship and believe in all gods …   English dictionary

  • pantheism — noun /ˈpæn.θi.ɪz.əm/ a) The belief that the universe is in some sense divine and should be revered. Pantheism identifies the universe with God but denies any personality or transcendence of such a God. b) The belief in all gods; omnitheism …   Wiktionary

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